Civil Air Patrol

August News

WELCOME I’m happy to say the cadet side of the squadron has regained its membership numbers from the beginning of the fiscal year.   I’m happy to welcome the following new cadets who joined our squadron in August:
Ayden Devos, Eric Gu, Evelyn James, Leah James, Dominic Pell, Tyler Sapiega, Carter Scott, Avery Smithers, Ethan Smithers
CONGRATULATIONS There have been several well deserved senior member promotions.
Capt. Steve Rodgers (no, not that Steve Rodgers 🙂 was promoted to Major earlier in the month. 
Maj Rodgers received his Grover Loening Award for completing Level III of the Senior Member Professional Development Program.
Tetyana Sienicki and Allen Prell were both promoted to 2nd Lieutenants.  All their hard work in supporting the missions of CAP has been recognized.
Within the last two months, many cadets have also been promoted: C/A1C Yuri Brooks C/SrA Adrian Castillo C/SMSgt Wesston Duncan C/Amn Ethan Homberg C/Amn Alexander Klusa C/Amn Srikamal Munukutla C/A1C Peyton Norkus C/Maj Matthew Scofield C/CMSgt June Sun C/CMSgt Abigail Turek Congratulations to all.  I look forward to your continued great work. SUI (SUBORDINATE UNIT INSPECTION) Last Tuesday we were visited by wing Inspectors General LtCols Steve Weber and Steve Caldrone, who conducted our biennial SUI.  Many staff members supported this effort.  I’m happy to report that our overall assessment of the unit is EFFECTIVE.  Our Aerospace Education and Cadet Programs both earned HIGHLY EFFECTIVE assessments and have been recommended by the inspectors to receive COMMENDABLE ratings.   The inspectors  found only 1 discrepancy which has already been addressed and closed. I want to thank ALL the staff, who week in and week out contribute to the support of the three missions of Civil Air Patrol, and do so with all the tenets of our core values.  It is all of you who make the very positive results of our inspection possible.  I’m honored to have you on the team. SUPPLY DOWNSIZING We are still in the process of moving our belongings out of Hangar 3.  As part of that effort, we are considering giving away our large supply of Woodland Camouflage BDU items at no charge.  We don’t have all sizes and the phase out date of the BDUs is 15 June 2021.  If you are interested in obtaining some BDU items, contact our Logistics/Supply officer, Capt. Svoboda. WING LEVEL EXERCISE On September 21-23, the Illinois Wing will be conducting a training exercise, utilizing the concept of Area Command.  Instead of all converging on one incident command post, each group headquarters will stand up its own ICP.  Group 2’s ICP will be at Heritage Middle School in Lansing.  This is the same location the Group 2 monthly training exercises are held.   Look for a signup form coming to your inbox soon. This is not an official evaluated exercise.  But the USAF evaluators will be present and taking notes and providing comments to help us prepare for next year’s evaluated exercise. Lt Col Gerry Baumgartner, CAP Col Shorty Powers Composite Squadron Commander (Interim)      

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