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CyberPatriot Competition ends for 2017-18

The 7 Cadet members of the Shorty Powers CyberPatriot team have concluded their 2017-18 CyberPatriot season. The teams worked on a total of 31 computer system images, learning techniques for securing these systems from “bad guys”. In addition they faced a series of Cisco network challenges from quizzes to using Cisco’s packet tracer to design secure networks.
The cadets faced 12 images during the two month long practice rounds (6 for each team), 4 images during Round 1 of actual competition (2 each),  6 more (3 each) for Round 2 of competition, and 6 more (3 each) during the State Round. The middle school team was able to advance to the semi-finals and faced 3 more computer image challenges as well as their first actual Cisco competition. During each competition round, the teams were facing all of their images and the Cisco challenges during a fixed 6 hour period typically from 9am-3pm on a Saturday. There were over 5,000 teams competing in this years CyberPatriot competition.
With the State Round, the bragging rights goal was to be declared as one of the top 3 in Illinois. There were a total of 28 teams in Illinois that were members of an “All Services” teams. This includes not only other Civil Air Patrol teams, but also Air Force, Marine, and Navy JROTC teams (sorry no Army JROTC teams competed in Illinois). The SPCS team took 18th place which shows how strong this competition has become. We were the top teams in earlier competition.
For the middle school team, the State Round held the same bragging rights. However the middle school team competes against all other middle school teams in Illinois, not filtered by Service units. For middle school there were a total of 14 teams from Illinois and the Shorty Powers team placed 4th, just missing the bragging rights for the State of Illinois.
The High School had excellent performance with the first 2 rounds and the State Round but failed to secure a spot in the top 25% of the All Services teams to move on to the Semi-Finals. However while the middle school team had a weak showing in the State Round, their scores were so good in the first two competition rounds that their total score allowed them to make it into the Semi-Finals, which was held this past Saturday (10 Feb). Only 3 middle school teams will progress to the Finals next month in Baltimore MD. Unfortunately their final score was not in the running.
I think it is safe to say that all Cadets had a great time with the CyberPatriot competition.
What’s up next? A few months off from the competition then we start recruiting for next year’s team! All Cadets are welcome, especially the Middle School ages.
And for those who read all the way to the bottom, you’ll see my tag line for the CyberPatriot team. If you don’t understand it, ask a CyberPatriot team member.

Maj Edward E. Danley, CAP
Col Shorty Powers Composite Squadron CyberPatriot Coach
Civil Air Patrol, U.S. Air Force Auxiliary

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